Energy Monitoring Solutions

emFLEX™ is an automated Energy Management System that will enable user an effective and efficient energy management which leads to consistent energy saving.

Active Detection.
Unlike other Energy Monitoring Systems in the market which are passive in functions, emFLEX™ actively detecting energy wastages and triggers the occurrence and even tells where problem comes from.

Flexible. Customisable.
Parameters to be displayed are customisable, making it very flexible to suit any needs of energy monitoring or management

Smart, Robust & Centralized

emFLEX™ perfectly fits multiple building energy management as it integrates the monitoring and reporting functions across multiple sites. Furthermore, the simple outlook design made it easy to operate, yet robust in coverage.


It is designed to complement any available system which is already in use in any building. Client may only take the state of the art software should their facility has already been installed with digital power meter.


Dashboard & Control

Displays precise but simple and layman information about energy consumption, live and online, accessible from anywhere at all.

Energy Apportioning
Clear and precise information of where energy is consumed.

Live Energy Trending
Showing consumption trending vs baseline, putting you in control.

Carbon Emission
Letting you know how your consumption is affecting the environment.


Where you may analyze historical data of any parameter.

Data Retrieval & Chart Plotting
Select any parameter of any time period to perform intended analysis

Report Generation
The system automatically send selected data to intended receipient on selected periodic interval.


The system will self learn the consumption trending and automatically set a baseline.

Whenever current consumption is exceeding the baseline the system will trigger an email and issue a Corrective Action Request, CAR to intended recipient.

Apart from email triggering, the system also identify the wastage location, thus users may immediately stop the leakage.