Energy Saving Solutions

Efficient Lighting System

Conventional lightings are not just consuming high power, they also induce heat which will surely affecting you air conditioning load. As a result, you will have to pay for the wastage on top of what you really need due to inefficiency. LED lightings is an excellent solution to solve this problem. LEDs are super efficient, low power consumptions and offer better luminance with negligible heat. Thus, with LED you will easily save your lighting cost by 50% or even up to 80%!

We offer wide range of LED solutions:

Industrial Lightings

Commercial Lightings

Home Lightings

Street Lightings

With lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and 5 years warranty, you shouldn’t be worry about our products quality.

Daylight Sensors

Daylight is often neglected especially at high rise office buildings with a lot off natural light access. Daylight sensors would automatically dim your lightings to required lux level in response to available daylight intensity. Thus, with daylight sensors, without even knowing you would save significant power consumption, smartly!

Occupancy Sensors

A situation of where a room is left with lights on when not in use happens everywhere. it is an obvious energy wastes that is hard to eliminate with human dependency. Occupancy sensors is the perfect answer to such problem. Let the sensor do the saving for you. No more human dependency, its all about effective and efficient.